“The most amazing feeling fabric I’ve felt in my life. I use basic tees all the time, but I’ve never felt a material like this before, It feels like I’m wearing silk”- Gennady S., Wanaka, NZ


“It is so soft, it is the most luxury t-shirt I’ve ever felt.” - Tamarah W., Auckland, NZ


“An absolute wardrobe necessity”- Holly E., Auckland, NZ


 “It actually just feels like silk. Honestly it’s the softest fabric and it just feels so light and just lovely. It’s beautiful” - Hanna H., Christchurch, NZ


“I wish I could transfer the softness of this fabric to you” - Karin H., Auckland, NZ


"It’s the softest, most amazing basic tee!” - Simone A., Auckland, NZ


“This tee shirt is life so comfy and elegant” - Ana S., Auckland, NZ


"The fabric is insanely gorgeous!" - Clare C., Auckland, NZ